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'Out of the Frames'

We have had the Guest Artist Lilian Kreutzberger 4 weeks. Being the 'painting and printmaking' department of fine arts, we received guidance by Lilian and were looking at the work of other artist, to leave the frame notion. Thinking that because we are the 2d department our works need to be always framed, but that a painting can also be autonomous. We learned how to present works in a new way, get inspired by this last layer that can also be the starting point when we are up to make new works.

The last week we presented out of the studio, some pieces in progress.
We had successful discussions about how to present a diversity of works together, looking and deciding to make each other's pieces even stronger by putting some works together or not. We could make a great installation in a time record of 3 hours.

At the end everyone was happy and exhausted. I got useful feedback that gave me also a new drive to work on for the last exhibition of these semester.