Is it Sunny Outside?

That was the title of our performance show, guided by Italo Sufi, Italian performance artist that visited the Royal Academy and learn us to use the nature of subtle body movements to express feelings in public without the use of words of exaggerations .

This performance day was divided in three parts, each took place in a different location;
-The Hague Central Station
-The Princessegracht (park)
-Gallery 4 of the Royal Academy, University of Arts

We performed just some simple/reflective actions that were product of a interactive week. The group consisted of only women, just by coincidence. The day we performed, was the 8th of march, It was also a gorgeus coincidence. Italo did not even knew it was the international women day! The actions of standing, breading, making use of our natural instrument voice in the park, pushing a wall were carefully chosen, a 'guiding the flow piece' were shown in a choreo of avoiding contact and changing to interact with the audience. Everyone has an important role in the performance. throught a transition even the public could feel part of it.
Each of us took important part of the decision making of selecting and creating the composition of the actions. We did not wanted to force us to stop of do the same at the same time, but instead we could feel free to take our time with each piece and finalize it when you reach a necessary intensity that drive you to stop, just by the feeling, while the rest of the group waited for you to continue with the following action.

the comments; people were too curious about which organizations was behind it. Other thought that we were a meditation group. Concerns and questions by those that are not use to see public artistic interactions. It was a great experience for all of us. 2019-04-10 om 4_37_15 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 5_08_08 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 4_39_53 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 5_27_18 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 4_49_55 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 4_39_12 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 5_05_26 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 5_06_16 PM.png 2019-04-10 om 5_32_52 PM.png